martes, 2 de octubre de 2007

Come to Guatemala for some great sail fishing!

I have been out for fishing - great time. For me as an allergic to all sea food it was kind of difficult to understand why I should go fishing. But being introduced to catch and release, spending a day on the boad and fighting with some fish...I consider myself already as addicted... Here some reasons why you should take the opportunity of a fishing trip to Guatemala.

Guatemala has one of the worlds largest concentration of sailfish, the average for fishing is 20 or more sailfish per day, there are opportunities to catch blue marlin, black marlin, tuna and dorado. You can find large pods of sailfish between 2 and 50 miles from port. Which is really no distance at all compared to other spots in the world. You can even enjoy the sight of some dolphins close to shore out of your beach residence.

The best seasons to visit Guatemala for this sport are November to May, but you will still find action all year round; by law, Guatemala mandates the use of circle hooks while billfishing and all billfish are catch and release, both laws are supported by Fishing International.

In front of the Pacific coast of Guatemala it usually doesn't take long to get a sailfish to rise and during the peak fishing season an angler or group of anglers might have several sailfish interested in the teasers and lures at the same time. It is not uncommon to have two (double) or three (triple) sailfish hooked at the same time.

If you like to catch big fish, local sailfish usually weight between 70 to 120 pounds and sometimes go absolutely crazy when they are hooked, they jump, dive, and swim towards and away from the boat, sometimes they try to jump into the boat, you can imagine the maneuvers some sailfish are bound to attempt. When marlin appear, one mate reels in all sailfish lines, the mate in charge of the marlin rod will cast the mackerel into the water while the captain maneuvers the boat closer to the fish, mean while, the angler straps into the fighting chair. Local marlins weight around 350 to 600 pounds and are pretty fast, they dive and jump, and while the angler is reeling in line, figuring out where the fish went, what looks like another marlin jumping off in the distance is actually there fish! You must have a strong grip because they are large strong fish.

Guatemala is catch and release for billfish so any sailfish and marlin you catch will be returned to the sea, photographs will assure anyone the billfish was THIS BIG! If you catch a dorado, it is used to make “Ceviche”, which is a local specialty, or sandwiches and cooked fish are served as lunch, right on board...ok, not for me!

The current record is "over 80 sailfish caught and released in one day". This record was set in February 2003 in Guatemala.

All this adventure isn’t far from the city, a drive from Guatemala city airport to a first class resort with air conditioned rooms, pools, restaurants, etc. takes about 90 minutes. The marina has a restaurant, and a formal dock witch is equipped with a variety of boats such as tiburoneras, panfas, sport fishing yatches, etc.

Here are some links were you can checkout some cool articles of sport fishing in Guatemala:

If you would like to visit Guatemala and do some sport fishing, just call my offices and ask for my assistant Silvia: +502-23810888, leave a message here or send an e-mail to Silvia
She will connect you with some travel providers and give you further information. Have a great time!

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